School Governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools, they make key appointments and hold the main responsibility for school finance. Each individual governor is a member of the governing body. Individual governors do not act independently as decisions are a joint responsibility made by the whole governing body.

Key functions of the governing body are to:

  • Set the vision and values of the school
  • Ratify school policies
  • Monitor and evaluate the schools improvement and progress
  • Be a source of challenge and support to the Headteacher
Type of Governor Name Pecuniary Interest Committees Term of Office Relationship with member of school staff
Chair/Local Authority Mr Rashid Brora None WGB 01/12/18-01/12/22 No
Co-opted Mrs Jan Goatley None WGB 20/11/18-20/11/22 No
Co-opted Mrs Jill Ghanouni None WGB 24/03/17-24/03/21 No
Foundation Mr Mark Bagust None WGB 29/11/17-29/11/21 No
Co-opted Mr Rashidul Islam None WGB 17/11/18-17/11/22 No
Co-opted/Parent Mrs Nazia Kouser None WGB 23/11/18-23/11/22 No
Parent Mr Julio Carrillo None WGB 23/11/18-23/11/22 No
Associate Mrs Nina Tank None No
Headteacher Mrs Emma Kerrigan-Draper Sage Publishing WGB 15/04/18-15/04/22 No
Clerk Ms Lorraine Gatt Mr A Le Marquand/ Brother – Architect No
Governors’ Attendance At Meetings
May 2018 June 2018 July 2018 September 2018 October 2018 December 2018
Mr Rashid Brora
Mrs Jan Goatley A
Mrs Jill Ghanouni
Mr Mark Baghust A
Mr Rashidul Islam A A
Mrs Nazia Kouser A A
Mr Julio Carrillo A
Mrs Nina Tank
Mrs Emma Kerrigan-Draper  √