At Mount Pleasant Junior School we set high expectations for our pupils and are
aspirational for them in relation to all aspects of their learning and conduct. Bullying can
happen anywhere and whilst we do not have a problem with bullying we are mindful that
‘bullying cultures can spring up, and conflict can come and go depending on relationships
and influences.’

Prevention of Bullying:
At Mount Pleasant Junior School, we are committed to prevent bullying by:

-Promoting the School Charter
-Raising awareness of bullying and what it can look like
-Using Anti-bullying week as an opportunity to review and revise policy and procedures
-Discussing bullying with parents
-Providing positive role models
-Embedding e-safety within the curriculum to avoid cyber-bullying
-Providing staff with training to ensure that they can recognise of signs and symptoms
of bullying, as well as systems and procedures for dealing with bullying

School Charter:

Be Responsible
Be Respectful
Be a Positive Learner

The school charter sets clear boundaries and expectations for all pupils. This helps to
ensure that Mount Pleasant Junior is proactive in building an anti-bullying culture:
‘Bullying thrives in cultures where name-calling, unwanted touch, rumour mongering and
disrespect go unchallenged.’

Responding to Incidents of Bullying Pupils:

 Tell a friend, a member of your family, an adult, an older sibling or pupil; anyone whom you trust
 Tell the bully to stop, if it is safe to do so
 Encourage the bullied person to seek help
 Walk away with the bullied person and tell an adult