We were very lucky to have the amazing graphic designer Emily Harper come and design our new Bibliotheque. With designs pulled from our favourite stories, the Bibliotheque has become a magical place to enjoy a good read. Y5 had the chance to sit down and speak with Emily. Here’s what they found out:

Where do you get your inspiration from?

In magical children’s books and from the children I’m working with.

When did your journey into the art world begin?

I started drawing when I was only 1 years old. I used to draw all over my Grampa’s papers for work. My Grampa realised I was actually quite good and encouraged me to pursue it further.

What have or will you be doing at Mount Pleasant Junior School?

I am happy to work with the Librarians in the Bibliotheque and also with the Historians  to create a book about Mount Pleasant Junior Schools history.

What media do you prefer to use?

Pen and pencil and digital art, as you can always change the design.

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