Our 16 beautiful chicks are growing very quickly! As well as their pen, they now have a space in the library (safely bordered by hay bales!) to run around and play.

The Year 3 farmers have been working hard to maintain a healthy and comfortable habitat for the young chickens, which means using their research to help their understanding of what chicks need. They have learnt how to clean out and refill the water dispenser – which gets very messy as our chicks love to kick up their hay! The children also ensure their chickens have a constant supply of chick crumb to help them continue to grow up to be strong and healthy adults.

The children from all year groups have been enjoying playing with the chicks at lunch time and help us to keep their area clean and safe. The chicks love the attention and will constantly cluck loudly when the children head back to class!

We are so excited to see the continuous development of our chicks and hope that you all enjoy meeting them at our Spring Garden event on Thursday 21st March!