Over the last year, we have been developing our curriculum. Inspired by curriculum principles that staff   developed, we are working to ensure that the way we   deliver the National Curriculum best meets our children’s needs and ensures that they have a full entitlement of learning across all subjects.

What stays the same?

Children will still have English and Maths lessons in a similar way to their current lessons.

Children will access the music curriculum in the same way, including our weekly singing lesson.

What is new?

Children will study a wider curriculum so that they can develop their skills such as scientists, historians, geographers and artists. In order to support the development of their knowledge, skills and understanding, learning will be organised as a week long study. This is to immerse the children in more in-depth study and to focus on one area. Each of these studies uses an overarching ‘macro’ Learning Question to engage the children in thinking about the learning. Within the study are ‘micro’ questions so that children understand each of the steps on their learning journey.

Each week, teachers will launch the Learning Question on a Friday with their class and send the Learning Questions home, in order to:

  • Allow children to think about and get excited about the learning ahead of them
  • Discuss the learning with you
  • Pose questions of their own
  • Start some research about the topic, which could include:
  • Library visits
  • Internet searches

The Learning Questions are being used to deliver:

  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art & design
  • Design & Technology
  • Computing
  • RE

Each unit of the curriculum will be returned to in the Spring and  Summer terms, in order to embed knowledge and develop progression in skills and understanding.

In addition to Learning Questions, children will have a weekly Spanish lesson in order to access the       National Curriculum  for languages. We know that our children are already linguists and selecting Spanish links the modern language provision at Cantell Secondary School, our partner within the Aspire          Community Trust.

We are looking forward to reviewing the impact of our curriculum development and will do this by watching lessons; looking at children’s work; reviewing learning with teachers; and asking pupils and parents to share their thoughts.

Curriculum Principles

  • Relevant to our families, our locality and our community
  • Enriching; involving first hand experiences and learning beyond the classroom
  • Personalised; building upon prior learning
  • Ambitious; raising aspirations and expectations
  • Inclusive; enabling all learners
  • Dialogic; ensuring oracy and engagement

Learning Questions

Design Technology
Religious Education