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125 Celebrations Review

With the 125 Celebrations coming to an end, we sent some of our Bloggers out to speak to their peers and teachers and find out what they thought of our celebrations. Here’s what they had to say: “I felt incredibly proud of the standard of work produced by the children. The performances were amazing and […]

Our New Bibliotheque – 125 Celebrations

We were very lucky to have the amazing graphic designer Emily Harper come and design our new Bibliotheque. With designs pulled from our favourite stories, the Bibliotheque has become a magical place to enjoy a good read. Y5 had the chance to sit down and speak with Emily. Here’s what they found out: Where do […]

Welsh National Opera – 125 Celebrations

Y4 had the opportunity to work with the Welsh National Opera, to create an anthem for Mount Pleasant Junior School and perform it at our 125 celebrations. They have named it Mount Pleasant Song. They also had the opportunity to learn the song Rainbow Nation. Y4 Bloggers took the time to ask their peers and […]

Garden Gang and Team Wilder Tree Planting – 125 Celebrations

As part of our 125 Celebrations we chose a Garden Gang and Team Wilder member to plant a ornamental cherry tree to commemorate 125 at Mount Pleasant Junior School.

Y6 Illuminated Letters Interview – 125 Celebrations

Our Y6 Bloggers got the chance to sit down with Aisha Al Sadie and Emma Bourner from Winchester Cathedral to ask a few questions: What materials do you like to use? I like to use oil paints, using them to make landscape pictures with mountains and nature. – Aisha I like to use water colours […]

Y4 Etching and Stamping – 125 Celebrations

Y4 had the opportunity to work with the artist Kate Mitchell to create art using words about our community. They did this by etching and stamping the words.  

Y5 Wire Words – 125 Celebration

Y5 worked with Kate Mitchell from Southampton Art Gallery, to create wire words that represent the Heritage of our School.

Y6 Illuminated Letters – 125 Celebrations

After visiting Winchester Cathedral, Y6 worked with Winchester Cathedral in school to plan and design their illuminated letters for their special word. After working on their mood boards, Y6 completed the final draft of their illuminated letters. Each child chose a word to respond to the question: What does education mean to you?

Y3 Letterpress Printing – 125 Celebration

Year 3 were very lucky to work with the artist Katherine Anteney for the 125 celebrations. They created the words they had chosen to represent Mount Pleasant Junior School and the 125 Celebrations. Y3 Blog Squad were able to sit down with Katherine and ask some questions: Where do you get your inspiration from? Words […]

Fishbourne Roman Palace

Y4 recently went on a trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace as part of their history topic for exploring Roman Britain. Our bloggers asked what some of their peers favourite parts of the trip were: I liked how the romans made all their mosaic pictures and floors – Zaiba I enjoyed the workshop, we got to […]