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Y5 Rivers Geography Fieldtrip

If you are learning about rivers, what better way than to walk alongside one and paddle upstream! When Year 5 tackled their learning questions ‘How does a river flow from source to sea?’ they set off on an adventure… First of all they walked alongside the river from our school to Woodmill, then they climbed […]

Y3 Local Walk

“I liked the trip because I enjoyed being outdoors and walking to somewhere new. I had never been to the church before, it was much bigger than I thought it would be. I also loved walking when it was windy, it was really fun! I learnt all about the different uses of land in Southampton […]

Y5 trip to The Living Rainforest

Y5 recently visited The Living Rainforest as part of their curriculum learning question ‘How important is the Amazon Rainforest?’. Here’s what are pupils thought? “I liked seeing the creatures that have a habitat adapted to the conditions of a rainforest. I saw monkey’s, birds, snakes and crocodiles. It really felt like we were in the […]

Classroom Libraries – Update

Book Fair 2023 In February during our Parents Evenings alongside Mrs Stuttle we hosted a Book Fair which was very successful and we thank you for all your support. By buying lots of books you helped us raise £435.13 to spend on books for our Classroom Libraries. We have now chosen the books and they […]

Y6 Trip to Osborne House

Y6 went on an adventure over to the Isle of Wight to visit Osborne House. They went to answer their learning question ‘Mother, Wife, Queen, Empress, what was Victoria’s most successful role?’ “I liked the historical statues and paintings. We took part in a workshop where we dressed and worked as the servants would have […]

Y3 Trip to the Jurassic Coast

Y3 recently went on a trip to Lulworth Cove on the Jurassic Coast. They went to answer their learning questions ‘How are fossils formed?’ and ‘How do rocks change over time?’. Here’s what they enjoyed about their trip: “I found mostly traces of fossils, but I really enjoyed hunting for them.” – Eshaal, Y3 “I […]

Y3 Winchester Cathedral Trip

Recently Y3 went on a trip to Winchester Cathedral to answer their learning question ‘How are Winchester and Southampton different?’. Here’s what they found out: “I learnt that Winchester used to be the capital city of England.” – Haaziq, 3K “I found that Winchester and Southampton look different. Southampton doesn’t have a cathedral and Winchesters shops […]

Classroom Libraries

We are excited to announce that our Classroom Libraries are now all set up and ready to use. The Librarians have been busy helping to choose the furniture, select the books and fill the trollies. Each Class Library will now have its own laptop and scanner so books can be checked in and out and […]

World Book Day 2023

On World Book Day this year we hosted our first ever Mount Pleasant Book Awards. It was a red carpet event and everyone came dressed in their finest clothes. There were 5 categories and children were entered from every class, with an overall winner from each year group. The Lord Mayor attended and it was […]

Y5 Visit to St Andrew’s Church

At the beginning of the year, Y5 went to visit the historic church as part of their learning question ‘ How did WW1 affect Southampton.’ They had the opportunity to learn about it’s history through WW1 and also how to march like a soldier. Here’s what they thought of their time there: ‘I found out […]