Marvellous Me

Marvellous Me is an online ‘app’ which you download to your phone, tablet or computer. Using a unique code for your child, you will receive vital school information and, most importantly, regular updates about your child’s learning. Staff are also able to award ‘badges’ for impressive work or behaviour.

Please ensure that you have the app downloaded—we are looking out for your ‘virtual high 5s’ as this tool is a cost effective way of us keeping in contact with you and replaces the text messaging service which is expensive to use and only reliable if we have your up to date contact details.

Follow the link below to access the Marvellous Me website

Marvellous Me

Why should you use Marvellous Me?

Marvellous Me helps you to celebrate your child’s good work and reinforce the positive behaviours and values that teachers are praising and encouraging in class.

Your child will be happier, more confident and motivated, and do better when they know that you are connected with their teacher and receiving positive updates.

Marvellous me helps you to talk more easily with your child about school and practise topics together.

Message from the School Council Learning Committee:

“It is great that so many families are signed up. it means that we can communicate with parents to show how well children are working and how much they like learning.” – Mohamed Kamal, Y5

Please follow our step by step guide to set up Marvellous Me on your phone, allowing you to receive updates and notifications about your child and the school.