Core Values

These core values are the foundation of our school. They are the principles that guide our thinking and our behaviour.

At Mount Pleasant Junior School we are respectful, responsible and positive learners.


  • Develop independence in our learning.
  • Challenging ourselves to achieve our best.
  • Persevere even if it doesn’t all go to plan, knowing that we learn from our mistakes.


  • Proud to be part of Mount Pleasant Junior School and the Community 
  • Ready to celebrate achievements
  • Building self-esteem and self-confidence


  • Come to school ready to learn.
  • Be eager to participate and contribute in the classroom.
  • Offer a helping hand and build new friendships


  • Continuously asking questions with a strong desire to know more.
  • Learning to investigate the unknown and to find solutions.
  • Seeking answers and exploring new possibilities.


  • Creating critical thinkers, who challenge ideas and encourage inventiveness
  • Solving problems more openly and with innovation
  • Creating enthusiasm for the world beyond the classroom


  • Learning to work together to achieve our goals
  • Creating an atmosphere where pupils can learn, create and grow
  • Listening and respecting each other, showing trust and support