Path to Success

Path to Success
This phrase is our school motto. It was devised by one of our pupils and selected by the school council. We feel it embraces many important messages:
  • We are all on a path to success
  • Success can look different
  • We can all be successful
  • We can be inspired to find ways to be successful
  • We should all think big!
How do we use our motto:
  • We challenge ourselves in our learning to be on ‘a path to success’
  • We think about our careers in the future and what types of jobs we would like
  • We use ‘path to success’ to analyse how others have been successful
Please click on the image above to see our inspiration for our school motto. This was created by one of Mount pleasant Junior Schools own pupils.
Our gallery below is full of inspirational professionals who have visited Mount Pleasant Junior School.

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