Sometimes absence from school is unavoidable: everyone gets ill. By working together, we can ensure that absence is kept to a minimum and your child is happy and learning in school.

Good attendance means achieving 96% attendance each term of the academic year. This is the same as coming to school for 173 days out of a possible 180.

School Attendance Matters!

As a parent it is your lawful duty to ensure that your child regularly attends school. Failing to ensure that your child attends regularly has a number of serious consequences, most importantly:

  • Your child may not learn enough to succeed in life
  • Your child may struggle to build and maintain friendships as children chose friends who are regularly at school
  • You could face legal proceedings and criminal prosecution, which may result in fines, a criminal record or even imprisonment

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School Attendance Matters!

If you are absent from school, your absence is given a code so that school can see why you are not learning. If you are poorly it is Code I for illness, if you are at the Doctor’s Surgery then it is M for Medical, but not all of the codes make sense! If you are away during learning time with your family then we use Code G.

Even though you are not at school, your teachers and your family expect you to complete some school work. In addition, I expect you to complete this journal and share it with me when you return.

It is not your choice to be absent and you can use your journal to practise your writing and share important news. You might also like to stick in photos or postcards, train tickets or flight boarding cards—it is up to you!

MPJS Code G Journal