We are Mount Pleasant pupils and we meet once a week as Arts Council. We learn about different types of art forms and help people in our brilliant school think about the arts around them.
We would like to tell you about a creative project in our Bibliotheca. Birds have landed in our tree! They are not real birds but paper birds made by pupils. They made us think of the Japanese paper folding art of origami.
Some year 3 and year 6 pupils worked together on this project. They worked hard to make something beautiful for our Bibliotheca.
Two different art techniques were used. Firstly, they worked with Katherine Antenay who is a print artist to make patterned papers. The patterns and colours were inspired by their cultures. Afterwards they cut out and collaged feathers to make the wings and tails.
They were inspired by a book called ‘Swallow’s Kiss’ by Sita Brahmachari and illustrated by Jane Ray. The birds in the book have wishes written on them in different languages. Our birds have words on the wings about what is important about our school and community. Pupils wrote the word in English and in other languages they speak. We saw words in Urdu, Hindi, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Portuguese, Farsi and many more languages!
The birds have inspired people in the school with their exotic appearance and thoughtful words.