Book Fair 2023

In February during our Parents Evenings alongside Mrs Stuttle we hosted a Book Fair which was very successful and we thank you for all your support. By buying lots of books you helped us raise £435.13 to spend on books for our Classroom Libraries. We have now chosen the books and they are in your classrooms, Enjoy!

“I really enjoyed seeing what different books there was for us to enjoy and choosing the books was really fun but you had think what other people would like too”Willow (Librarian) 3T

“I enjoyed the experience of participating in the Book Fair. We now have lots of exciting new books for our Classroom Libraries and everyone is going crazy for them!”Alexandra (Librarian) 6M

“It was like a journey, first we had to raise the money by selling the books at the book fair then I had to find out what the children’s preferences were and lastly we went online to choose and order the books we wanted for the whole of Year 6. I now understand the process and how hard it is to raise funds to get new books. It makes you appreciate them more”Momina (Librarian) 6P

“It was fantastic getting new books for our Classroom Libraries and choosing for other people. At the beginning it was hard because you had to think if other people would like them but we figured out what we thought they’d like. I love it because everyone will find a new book to read and get knowledge from it.” – Mohammed (Librarian) 5H

“It’s so cool having new books. We have one of my favourite books now, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I can’t wait to read it!”Allen, 6M