Geography Learning Questions

Summer Term
Where is Southampton within the UK?
What tools can you use to locate Southampton?
What makes up the United Kingdom?
What other cities are there in the UK?
How are regions organised in the UK?
What are the different regions in the UK synonymous with?
How can I use the 8 points of the compass to locate regions in the UK?
What are the key topographical features of the UK?
Spring Term
How are Southampton and Winchester similar and different?
Where is Winchester?
What is in Winchester?
Is Winchester a city?
How could we get to Winchester Cathedral?
How do I use an OS map?
What can I tell about Winchester from an OS map?
What can we tell about the history of Winchester from a map?
What are the similarities and differences?
How can I represent my city?
Autumn Term
How can we describe the city we live in?
Where is Southampton?
What makes a city a city?
What is in Southampton?
How would we get to St Mary’s Church?
How is the land used on our walk to St Mary’s?
How can I represent where I live?
Summer Term
What is Europe?
What is a continent?
What countries make up Europe?
What cities are there in Europe?
What different regions in Europe synonymous with?
What is it like to go to school in different parts of Europe?
How does the climate vary within regions of Europe?
What are the key topographical features of Europe?
How do you travel in time throughout Europe?
Spring Term
Why are the Dolomites a World Heritage Site?
What is a World Heritage site?
What are the Dolomites and where are they located?
How are mountains formed?
What features do mountains have?
What features do the Dolomites have?
What can we tell about the Dolomites from a map?
What is in the water cycle?
What role do mountains play in the water cycle?
Autumn Term
What is a Volcano?
What is deep inside our Earth?
When can we see magma?
What is inside a volcano?
What happens when a volcano erupts?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of living near a volcano?
Where in the world are volcanoes?
What do we know about volcanoes in Italy?
Summer Term
What is South America?
What countries make up South America?
What cities are there in South America?
How does time in South America relate to the Greenwich Meridian?
What are lines of longitude and latitude?
What are different regions in South America synonymous with?
How has land use in Brazil changed in the last 50 years?
What are the key topographical features of South America?
Spring Term
How important is the Amazon Rainforest?
Where is the Amazon Rainforest?
What is a rainforest?
What other types of Biome are there?
How does a rainforest work?
What does it feel like to be in a rainforest?
In what ways is a rainforest important?
How do people use the rainforest?
Is the Amazon Rainforest well enough protected?
Autumn Term
How do rivers flow from source to sea?
What is a river?
What are the major world rivers?
How are rivers formed?
What can I learn on a river field trip?
How do rivers sustain life?
How do people use rivers?
What happens in an estuary?
What effect do humans have on rivers?
Which rivers are in our locality?
What is special about our local rivers?
Summer Term
What is North America?
How is North America organised?
What cities are there in North America?
What are different regions in North America synonymous with?
What are the key topographical features of North America?
How can you present the human and physical geography of an American state?
How can physical and human geography work in harmony?
Spring Term
Which side of the Atlantic would you rather live on?
Where are New York and Boston?
How has the settlement of Boston developed?
How has the settlement of New York developed?
What influence has Europe had on this part of the United States?
How does daily life for a citizen differ between the United States and the United Kingdom?
So where would you rather live?
Autumn Term
Are New York Southampton similar coastal cities?
Where in the world are these cities?
What are human and physical features of Southampton?
How can ordnance survey maps tell us about the human and physical features of Southampton and New York?
How could you travel between these two cities?
What human and physical features would you include in a documentary about each city?