History Learning Questions

Summer Term
What was amazing about Ancient Baghdad?
What is special about Baghdad’s location?
When was the Golden Age of Islam?
What was special about the city’s construction?
What was the House of Wisdom?
Who ruled Baghdad?
How was maths developed in Ancient Baghdad?
What developments were made to art, writing and science?
What was life like in Europe at the same time?
What was the impact of what the Mongols did to Baghdad?
Spring Term
What was amazing about Ancient Greeks and  Ancient Egyptians?
When and where did the Ancient Egyptians live?
When and where did the Ancient Greeks live?
What was amazing about the Ancient Eygyptians?
How do we know about them?
What was amazxing about the Ancient Greeks?
What was amazing about how the Ancient Egyptians solved problems?
What was amazing about how the Ancient Greeks solved problems?
What was amazing about how the Ancient Egyptians built pyramids?
What was amazing about how the Ancient Greeks were entertained?
What do we still use?
Autumn Term
Would you have rather lived in the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age?
How can we use clues?
What is Stone Age?
Who was Cheddar Man?
What challenges did Cheddar Man face?
How did life change during the Stone Age?
How did tools improve?
Who was the Amesbury Archer?
How did the Amesbury Archer live and die?
What was life like in Duropolis?
So would you rather live in the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age?
Summer Term
Was Alfred great?
Why might a king be called ‘great’?
What do we know about Alfred’s family?
How did Alfred improve defenses?
What made Alfred different from other Anglo-Saxon kings?
How did Alfred deal with the Viking invaders?
What was burghal hidage?
What can we learn from a visit to Winchester about King Alfred?
What do objects and artefacts relating to King Alfred tell us about him?
Which other monarchs in history have earned epithets?
Spring Term
What happened when the Anglo-Saxons settled in Southampton?
What happened to the Romans?
How were the Anglo-Saxons different from the Romans?
How did they settle in Southampton?
Why were links to Winchester important?
How do we know about Anglo-Saxon life in Southampton?
How was Anglo-Saxon life organised?
Autumn Term
What happened when the Romans invaded Britain?
What is invasion?
Why invade Britain?
What made Claudius’ invasion successful?
Who was Boudicca?
What sources of evidence are there at Fishbourne Roman Palace that tell us about Roman & Celtic life?
Why was Hadrian’s Wall built?
How did life change under Roman rule?
What did the Romans do for Britain?
Summer Term
What is my history?
How do historians research the past?
How can I use and apply these skills to investigate my past?
How can I gather oral evidence effectively?
How can I place my family’s story within time and place?
Does my family have artefacts that connect to our story?
How could I present my family’s history?
How might I curate a successful exhibition of my family history?
What is the same and what is different about our histories?
Spring Term
How did WW1 and WW2 affect Southampton?
What was WW1?
What was WW2?
What were the key events in each of the wars?
What happened to Southampton in WW1?
What was life like for women during WW1?
What was the Blitz in WW2?
What is special about the Spitfire?
Autumn Term
What impact did the Titanic have on Southampton?
What was the Titanic?
What was happening in the world in 1912?
What evidence of the Titanic is there in our locality?
What can I find out about the Titanic at the SeaCity Museum?
What questions am I going to devise and answer?
Summer Term
Wife, mother, Queen, Empress; what was Victoria’s most successful role? 
What was the chronology of Victoria’s life?
What is an Empire?
What did the British Empire look like and how did it behave?
What can I learn about Queen Victoria’s different roles from a visit to Osborne House?
In what ways was Queen Victoria influenced by the men around her and what was the impact of their influence?
How did life change for people in Great Britain during Queen Victoria’s reign?
How does Victoria’s reign compare to other British Queens?
Which was Victoria’s most successful role?
Spring Term
What role does the monarchy have in 21st Century Britain?
What is a monarch?
Who are the British royal family?
How did Elizabeth become queen?
What has Queen Elizabeth II lived through?
Have we always had a monarch?
What contribution does the monarchy make?
What does our monarchy cost?
How much power does the Queen have?
Autumn Term
Henry VIII was a selfish king.  Do you agree or disagree?
When was Henry VIII king?
What is Henry VIII famous for?
What was Henry’s upbringing like?
What expectations were there for a monarch?
What can we learn about Henry using sources from Hampton Court Palace?
What was the impact of Anne Boleyn becoming queen?
Was Henry VIII a selfish king?