Our librarians help with the running of our Bibliotheca alongside our Librarian, Mrs Stuttle.

They are enthusiastic readers, who are here to help recommend books to the other children in the school.

Librarians also help to prepare new stock and displays for the Bibliotheca, help with events like World Book Day and book fairs.

Our New Bibliotheca

It is finally complete and looks wonderful – the children have all given the nod of approval and cannot wait to use it. With the help of our school librarians, we have now filled up the shelves with some good reads.

Please watch the video below all about our Bibliotheca and how it’s impacted our school

Classroom Libraries

We are excited to announce, that our Classroom Libraries are all set up and in use. The librarians have been busy helping to choose the furniture, select books and fill the trollies.

Each Library will now have its own laptop and scanner, so books can be checked in and out, ready to be taken home and enjoyed.