School Council

Our school council was formed in 2018 to give our students a forum to speak and to ensure their voice is heard.

The council is a democratically elected group of pupils who represent their peers and enable students to become partners in their own education, making a positive contribution to the school environment and ethos.

The whole school took part in Year group assemblies to discuss what a Rights Respecting School meant. All children and staff completed a survey to share their views on school, this is so we can see how we can improve children’s lives in school and to find out if children are aware of their rights as a child.
The school councillors have been chosen as part of the steering group and have already started to look at the United Nation Convention on the rights of the child.
We have also created a display board to show our work as we go along the journey of becoming a Rights Respecting School.  We  showed how we will become a Rights Respecting school by completing a action plan, so now we will be looking forward to putting that action plan in to place.

Friday 16th March 2019

Comic Relief Bake Sale

Message from the School Council Charity Committee:

“We raised £517.68 in total for Comic Relief! We never expected to raise this much money, and we wouldn’t have done it without the children’s and adults help.”Sundus, Year 6
“This was a great achievement for our school and the charity, that needed our help. We really enjoyed the baking.”Ramla, Year 6
“I am really proud of the School Council Charity Committee, with all their hard work.”Loveleen, Head Girl

Advent Calendar with a difference

Message from the School Council Charity Committee:

“From Monday 3rd December, we will be starting an Advent Calendar with a difference… instead of taking out, we will be putting in!
At MPJS, we want to support a local shelter for homeless people in our community, ‘The Society of St James’. They help people who are in great need: without families, without shelter and without love. We can make a difference to their lives by showing that we care. Not much is needed—please do what you can.
Every day until the end of term, the shopping trolley will be near the school entrance, please leave what you can…” –
Ahmed and Sundus

After the Christmas holidays we received a wonderful letter from the Society of St James. Please click on the link below to view it.

Letter from the Society of St James

Friday 16th November 2018

Thank you!

Message from the School Council Charity Committee:

“Well done for raising £310.85 for Children in Need. Helping others is a good deed and it was really good fun!” Sumaya Mahamud, Y3

Message from the Pudsey Choir:
“It was an honour to sing as a member of the Pudsey choir. Pupils were really proud of us and my friends said it was really great seeing our school contribute to a really big event and great charity.” Zumar Saleemi, Y6

11th November 2018

British Legion Poppy Appeal

We would like to thank everyone for your donations this year. Our school has raised £89.19 for The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. A big thank you to our School Council for their participation with the charity.

Anti-bullying: Our Definition

Message from the School Council Environment Committee:

“We have been working on a definition of bullying because we want to prevent it from happening in our school and so we know what it is. This is our definition:

‘Bullying is when somebody gets hurt repeatedly. It may hurt their feelings or themselves physically. It can feel like you are smaller than the bully. There are different types of bullying: physical, verbal, ostracising and cyber-bullying.’
We are at the beginning of our work to prevent bullying and soon we will share more information with you.”
Atia Fahim Y6 & Hasti Kakabra Y3

Keep warm! Save Energy! Save Money!

Message from the School Council Health & Safety Committee:

“We have put signs on all of the doors. They tell people to ‘please close the door’ so that we keep our school warm.” Zach Lindsey Y3

“By keeping the doors closed, we can save energy. We do not want to get cold!”
Francis Rosal Y3

Marvellous Me

We now have 300 children’s families signed up to Marvellous Me. Over 7328 messages of good news and important information have been sent since we launched Marvellous Me in October.

Message from the School Council Learning Committee:
“It is great that so many families are signed up. It means that we can communicate with parents to show how well children are working and how much they like learning.” Mohamed Kamal, Y5

School Tests

Message from Head Girl & Head Boy:

We asked the staff and pupils what they thought of attitudes to the tests this week:

“The children feel really proud of what they have achieved. They have seen improvements in their work and know what weaknesses they need to work on. The tests give them a chance to show their knowledge.” Mrs Cox, Y4 Leader

“The children have enjoyed the tests as they said it helps to keep their memory working.”
Miss Woodland, Y3 Leader

“I really like the maths test because they challenge me and help me learn.”
Sara Hassan, Y3
“I am impressed with the way that Y6 have worked this week. They have shown determination in every test.”
Mrs Brumwell, Assistant Head

“I have seen lots of progress in children’s scores since we first took the tests in September. There are some very big improvements!” Loveleenjot Kaur, Head Girl

“At the start of the year, Y6 were negative about the tests. This time, they were up for the challenge and had a much more positive attitude.”  Alex Toma, Head Boy