Trips, Visits & Visitors

Your child will participate in trips and visits as part of their education. These trips are  carefully planned to enhance learning and are ‘launch pads for learning’. We ask for and need parental contributions in order to run these trips.

At the start of the academic year, we will ask you to complete a generic permission for trips and visits in our immediate area. We expect to use our community and locality   within our learning and celebrate where we live and learn.

No trips have been planned this year due to the current climate.
January 2020

Winchester Cathedral and Museum – Year 3

The children had the opportunity to explore through Winchester City Museum, seeing how the settlements have changed through the years, since the Romans. They also had a guided tour around Winchester Cathedral, learning about how it was built and why it was chosen for Winchester. The children got to participate in a workshop which will looked at the work of William Walker, who saved the Cathedral at the beginning of the 20th Century.

December 2019

Fishbourne Roman Palace – Year 4

Year 4 enjoyed a trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace, Chichester on Wednesday 11th December. The children had the opportunity to explore the palace and gardens, along with participating in a workshop all about the relationships between the Celts and Romans.

‘My favourite part of the trip was the mosaics and getting to dress up as romans. I enjoyed this trip so much.’Aminah

‘What I enjoyed about Fishbourne was the activities and the old tiles. I liked the sculptures and the skeletons.’Rhyana

‘I enjoyed looking at the mosaics and pretending to be a Roman slave.’Sofia

December 2019

Butser Ancient Farm – Year 3

Year 3 enjoyed a trip to Butser Ancient Farm, Waterlooville on Wednesday 4th December. The children had the opportunity to explore what it would have been like to live in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. They joined in in activities such as wattling, archaeology, chalk carving and jewellery making.

‘When we went on the trip to Butser Farm my favourite part was when we were digging in the dirt like archaeologists and making jewellery.’Fatimah 

‘I liked it when we made fences and jewellery. My favourite part was being archaeologists!’Gurjent

‘I liked when I was pretending to be an archaeologist because we were digging in the dirt with old shovels and I liked making chalk drawings.’Yadvinder

‘I learnt in the Iron Age that they hung meat off the roof so the smoke from the fire made it last longer.’Baheer 

October 2019

Hampton Court – Year 6

The Children enjoyed a trip to Hampton Court Palace, London. Once the children arrived at Hampton Court, they had the opportunity to explore the history of the Palace and all who resided there. They also took part in a workshop, where the children had the opportunity to find out that there is more to Henry VIII than the popular stereotypes and learnt what important things happened to the King at Hampton Court Palace.

September 2019

Hawthorn Centre – Year 4

The Children visited the Hawthorn Centre, at Southampton Common. They had the opportunity to explore the richness and diversity of life in our local environment, which fed directly into further learning back in the classroom.

June 2019

Sports Day

The wonderful weather we are enjoying was the perfect backdrop to our Sports Day. Logistically, this was an ambitious project: moving the entire school to Tauntons College for a full day of sporting activities. Projects like this are huge investments in time, energy and resources and the dividend was clear! Your child participated with energy and enthusiasm, demonstrating a wide range of sporting skills and sporting behaviours. Staff worked hard to ensure that everyone had sufficient shade, water and rest, whilst encouraging healthy competition and sportsmanship. Here’s what a few of our children had to say about Sports Day:

“I liked the boxing activity, the gloves were really cool.” – Julia (3SH)

“The boxing activity was my favourite. I liked working in my team, they really motivated me with their cheering.” – Muhammed Suliman (4R)

“It was a fun day. I liked trying out all the activity stations.” – Zakir (6MB)

January 2019

Natural History Museum – Year 3

“I am incredibly proud of how engaged, enthusiastic and well behaved the year group were! All the children showed their ‘Mount Pleasant perfect’ attitude and represented our school beautifully throughout the day.I would also like to say a big thank you to all our parents for their support and help in making this trip possible and to all the staff who worked tirelessly to ensure our children had a fantastic day -I can’t wait to see what adventures we embark on next!”Miss Woodland , Year 3 Leader

“My favourite part of the trip was when we investigated fossils and crystals in the lab because I felt like a real scientist!”Kuba, 3G

“I thought that the Natural History Museum was fascinating because we saw skeletons and lots of fossils!”Aashvi, 3K

“It was the most fun day ever!”Muminah, 3T

December 2018

The Children enjoyed a trip to the Nuffield City Theatre in Southampton, where they watched a performance of ‘Billionaire Boy’ and enjoyed a snack during the interval. Before and after this theatre trip, they will be using their experience and related learning to produce writing outcomes.

April 2018

Southampton Common – Year  3

Year 3 went on a visit to Southampton Common to support their studies on local geography and persuasive writing. We asked some of the children to tell us what they enjoyed about their trip…

“I learnt about force from exploring the water fountains because I had to work with the others to make push the wood down and make it spray. It squirted out like a jellyfish!” Aditri 

“My favourite part of the trip was getting to explore the playground and go on the swings because it was lots of fun. I also liked that the play    equipment was made of wood because it looked natural.” – Sanjog 

“I liked going to the common because we got to look at the duck pond and the woods and see how we could help the animals that live there by building a bug house.” Raiens