Y3 bloggers have been asking their fellow peers what they got up to in the Eater Break – Lets find out!

“I had an Easter Egg hunt in my back garden”Musa, 3G

“I went to the fair at the common and went on fast rides.”Mohamed, 3G

“I went to Paultons Park and enjoyed going on lots of rides.”Abdi, 3G

“I ate lots of chocolate eggs and played outside.”Adeel, 3K

“In the middle of the holidays, I went to the river itchen and the playground.”Yeshwin, 3K

“I went to the fountain park with my family as it was a hot day.”Aisha, 3T

“Went out for a meal with my family.”Roye, 3T

Y3 Bloggers – Hooria, Ranveer and Sara.