On World Book Day this year we hosted our first ever Mount Pleasant Book Awards. It was a red carpet event and everyone came dressed in their finest clothes. There were 5 categories and children were entered from every class, with an overall winner from each year group. The Lord Mayor attended and it was a very special event. We all went home with a World Book Day too!

Ana 4H

Q: What did you enjoy the most?

A:I enjoyed listening who got  nominated because the reason why they got the awards.

Q: Do you think there was different children who should have gotten the award?

A:Yes,there was some other children who read as much on me.

Q: Do you think we should do the awards again?

A:In my opinion, Yes because it was really fun.

Amaya, 3K

Q: Did you enjoy dressing up fancy?

A: Yes,it made me feel happy

Q: Do you think you could have gotten an award?

A:Yes if I brought more stickers

Q: Are you going to bring more stickers from now on?

A: yes because it amazed me how many people got awards and I would like to get one.

Fatimah, 5B

Q:what did you enjoy the most?

A:I liked the parents coming to see what we have been doing in our reading

Q:Do you think this was a good experience?

A:It was a great experience for our parents to enjoy and celebrate with us.

Q:How did it feel to win an award?

A:I felt proud for me and the other children.

Satraj, 6m

Q:What do you think about our WBD awards?

A:Yes ,I think it was really cool in terms of how many visitors came.

Q:what do you think about the lord mayor coming to school?

A:I think she highly approved because of how close we are as a community.

Q:do you think we should do it again?

A: Yes,because it was very special and we got to were our finest clothes and see how fancy we can be.


Blogged and typed by Summer, 5M