This term Y5, as part of our curriculum, went swimming. The Y5 bloggers asked their fellow classmates what they thought about their experience.

“I didn’t know how to swim to begin with, after the lessons I feel more confident in the water.” – Yusuf

“Very good opportunity. If we get in danger associated with water we will be able to swim.” – Krishan

“I think that Y5 swimming has been a very fun activity. It has also taught us a very important life skill, which is how to survive occasions in water.” – Uzair

“Swimming was helpful. At first I was scared of even putting my shoulders underwater! Eventually, I gradually got better and more confident in water. Now I can confidently swim, so swimming helped boost my confidence.” – Qisma

“I loved it, it made me feel confident in the water.” – Hibo

“I liked swimming, because I moght need to use it one day.” – Taba