Year 3 Blog Squad have been asking lots of questions this week. Here’s what each class had to say…

3G – What advice would you give for the next year 3 pupils?

“They will be working hard and learning new things everyday.” – Derrick

“They should really work on their spellings, it will help them write better.” – Asim

“They should ask the headteacher for a swimming pool.” – Liya

3K – What was your favourite thing you did this week in class?

“Learning about shadows” – Wiktoria

“Learning the sunflower is going to grow 30cm” – Jacob

“The shadows. We found out when you move back it gets smaller” – Laila

3T – What subjects do you like and why?

“I like maths because we get to learn fractions and the denominator and numerator.” – Anastasia

“I like english because Miss Warbey tests me to work harder.” – Eddie

“I like geography because you get to learn about other countries.” – Abdullah

“I like reading because we have reading stickers and journals.” – Alberto