Farewell feathered friends!

Well, it is time to say goodbye to our lovely little chicks! They have been very well looked after here at MPJS, but it is time for them to re-join Farmer Snarts farm and live in the outdoors – if their current running speed is anything to go by, I know they are going to

Feathers are flying in our farmyards!

Wow – in only a few weeks, our tiny little hatchlings have burst their way into the world (and our hearts!) and are growing up so quickly! They now have their adult feathers beginning to show and the children have been carefully documenting the changes we have seen to their appearance and behaviour, in their

The chicks are on the loose!

Our 16 beautiful chicks are growing very quickly! As well as their pen, they now have a space in the library (safely bordered by hay bales!) to run around and play. The Year 3 farmers have been working hard to maintain a healthy and comfortable habitat for the young chickens, which means using their research

Chicks have been hatching around the cluck!

This week has been a very exciting week for our little eggs – 16 chicks have now successfully pecked their way out! After the ‘big brother’ – known as Timmy – hatched first, he has helped his siblings to hatch by sitting on the eggs and assisting with breaking the shell during the hatching process.

We have some ex-SHELL-ant news!

Our first baby chick has hatched! Today, we increased the humidity in our incubator to 65% to allow the shells to soften, meaning it is easier for the chicks to peck their way out. Whilst observing the eggs in their chick diaries this afternoon, the children started to notice that one of the eggs was

Welcome to our EGG-celent adventure!

This week we are starting our exciting exploration of the life cycle of a chicken! To help us truly understand this, we have made a home for 19 chicken eggs within our school library. Year 3 are responsible for taking care of the eggs, and the chickens when they hatch! Once they have hatched they